Speedy 3 Step

SPEEDY 3 STEP: new faster and cheaper polishing system developed by Klinsystem. Suitable for Concrete, Marble and Terrazzo. NEW 3 STEP System allows drastic reduction of grinding and polishing time and costs. Large increase of productivity preserving high quality standards. SPEEDY 3 STEP allows you to get an excellent level of glossy finish on any type of floor with less resources, less effort and in less time. For optimal processing, we suggest to work with low-speed (450/500 rpm) and additional weight. After STEP 3 as last polishing step, we suggest to use HYPERPAD MAMBA (DRY) at maximum speed to clean the surface and increase the shine.

Speedy Step 1 aggressive tool designed to quickly remove any grouting compounds and at the same time to open the floor, removing slight undulations and deep scratches on the floor. Its hybrid composition and the aggressive metal segments inside the tool allows to cut the surface and prepare the floor for the next step. Can be used Wet or Dry.

Speedy Step 2 transitional tool, designed to quickly remove scratches from the previous step and getting the surface smooth with slight satin effect. Its hybrid composition allows to start polishing the surfaces and prepare the floor for the last step. Can be used Wet or Dry.

Speedy Step 3 final step designed to polishing the surface up to grit 800. Its hybrid composition allows to quickly remove any scratches and polishing perfectly the surface. The quality of the finish can be compared to the traditional resin tools grit 800. Can be used Wet or Dry.

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  • Suitable for: Concrete / Marble / Terrazzo
  • Size: 3″/75 mm – 4″/100 mm
  • Tool thickness: 14 mm
  • Application: Wet & Dry
  • Bond: Hybrid
  • Composition: Natural diamond
  • Connection: Velcro support